DeKalb Festival Chorus is a dedicated volunteer community chorus of women and men of all ages. We welcome new members at the start of each semester, in August and in January.

If you are unsure about which voice part you should be singing, or are willing to try a different one than you most recently have, the Director would like to hear you to assist in making that choice. Auditions are by appointment with the Director.

Whether you are returning or not this season, please take a quick survey that will help in the final planning for this season and future seasons.  This survey will provide information on what kind of voicing to expect for this season, as well as how many in the ensemble are willing to sing solos. The survey can be found here: Survey

Chorus members are expected to attend rehearsals regularly and sing in all concerts and dress rehearsals. Members are also required to pay dues each semester and provide appropriate concert performance attire. Reduced dues are available for students. Men wear black tuxedos and black shoes. Tuxedos must fit well. Jackets are buttoned for performances. Women purchase uniform black full-length dresses. The dress meets many important criteria, including being affordable, flattering, modest, and washable.

Please see more detailed information under Rehearsals.